It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even tell if the shit I say is disturbing or personal anymore bc I have no filter and I don’t see a point in lying about having problems with my life or myself. Openly talking about your issues makes you feel less ashamed of them and after a while you stop giving a fuck about what other people have to say about it all. You just accept it and people can’t make you feel bad about it anymore bc no one understands your bullshit better than you do. Accepting that this is my fight to deal with has made it much easier to stop being so self conscious and just shut other people’s opinions out bc from their perspective it’s probably 100% different than what I actually experience every day.

I’m moving in like a month and it seems like none of my friends give a fuck honestly


tbh i just need a hug

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There exists a sub-section of men who literally cannot sit through a discussion of structural misogyny without receiving constant and emphatic reassurance that no one is accusing them personally of being a misogynist. This is a derail and an attempt to shut down debate. Because, to quote “Sometimes, it’s just a cigar”:

“Suppose you disagree with women about whether rape is part of the structure of our society, used to reinforce patriarchy. Do you make that debate possible by standing on your wounded pride, and just insisting that the debate must start with a disclaimer that says you’re not a rapist? Forgive me, but that’s nothing more than narcissism.”

The conviction that you have never participated or been complicit in structural misogyny is dubious to say the least, no matter what your gender. But even if you are resolute that you, personally, have managed to transcend the system you were born and raised in and now stand as a shining beacon of gender equity outside the mire of patriarchy? Good for you, but structural misogyny still exists and we still need to have a conversation about it. If you think you have nothing to learn, go play elsewhere on the internet.


elliot rodger and the logical conclusion

Sometimes, it’s just a cigar

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i know there are a million posts about why “not all men” is dumb but this is exceptionally well-explained.

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