Prioritising and supporting gender more than biology is like believing racial stereotypes over fact. No amount of vomit you spill makes you any less misogynistic, in the same way ‘I’m not racist but…. [insert racist comment]’ doesn’t make that person any less racist. Simple.


You, who takes oxygen from the universe,
and gives back carbon dioxide in return.

You, who basks in sunshine at seven in the morning,
and solidifies your bones with it.

You, whose parts are organs and tissues and cells and elements and molecules and stars.

One day, you will return the dust you’ve borrowed from this old, old universe.

But until then,

You are a piece of this moving everything.

And everything is not everything without you.
- n.t. (via caswitch)

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  • me: *sees dog*
  • me: *forgets what im talking about and points out dog*
We don’t speak about painful irony, like seeing a doctor smoke or hearing about the school bus that ran over the child. We don’t want to remember the torment of how you get cut by the one who was supposed to throw away the blade. - my writing (via sixpenceee)

(via sixpenceee)